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Hey, atheist unbelieving sinners, I had a premonition about George W. Bush not being allowed to travel in certain European countries due to being a war criminal. Satan is of course the number one war criminal in the history of the world, and is therefore one of the ex-president's major influences.

And Europe is full of Communists, homosexuals, foreigners and atheists, so anyone who who values freedom and liberty and the right to die on the floor of an emergency room from a gunshot wound would want to be banned, nay, would DEMAND to be banned from such a homosexual hellhole.

Anyway,  it was only after I heard about President Bush being banned that I realized that my dream about my being hit in the head by a soccer ball was really a premonition. See, soccer is mainly played in Europe and George Bush often acted like he had been hit in the head. By a soccer ball.

But here's the real point: my dream was actually about Wayne being banned from this site! Get it? Wayne's name starts with W and that is Bush's middle initial and nickname. And both were banned!

 And get this; I was sitting in a McDonald's reading about George Bush in the newspaper the very day all this came together in my head! And that exact same day an earthquake happened in Indonesia and a Batman movie was playing at the mall right across fromt he McDonald's! Ronald McDonald himself told me to make this connection.

I'll bet you atheists are just gonna say it was all normal coincidence and the only connections are in my imagination. That shows how far your brains have been addled by drinking too few oversized sugary drinks, following Communists like Mayor Bloomberg who want to force Americans to lose weight, thereby letting the total poundage of 1.5 billion Communist Chinese overbalance the planet and send us spinning into the sun! Our fat will be in the fire! Be warned, or be warmed! Ha ha ha!

Ronald said it, I believe it, that settles it. Watch for my best-selling book on this subject!111!!!

It's almost too easy to write this stuff. I'm freakin' channeling Wayne. Or James Joyce.

I can't get my computer to put images in, or I would have peppered this with random photos of Bush, soccer, Ronald McDonald, big drinks, Batman, Indonesians, overweight Communist Chinese and gay Europeans.  :D
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