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ACORN? A nationwide financial and political force to destroy America? Please!

I am probably the only person on this site who actually worked with ACORN, back when I was a social worker. They did grassroots anti-poverty and voter registration work in poor communities. Helping people negotiate with banks to get business loans, helping families figure out how to get a home mortgage. Assisting people in filling out tax forms. Registering voters. You know, trying to help people achieve the American Capitalist Dream of starting a business and owning some property and exercising their constitutional rights. Buncha dirty commies.

I say I worked with them, not for them. You know why I did not work for them? I applied for a job with ACORN and did not accept it, because they paid too little. Less than I was getting as a social worker and no benefits. It was practically an all-volunteer community group with shabby offices staffed by earnest hippies. Doing what Jesus said to do: help the poorest among you.

I was gobsmacked when, years later, this tiny organization with little power that was trying to help some of the poorest communities in the country, suddenly became a household word. A word spat out at Tea Party rallies and bandied around Congress as the epitome of evil.

Why? Despite the small size, they were making an impact. Especially in organizing poor and minority voters. Then came some well-funded attacks by right-wing blogs, tv hosts and radio shows. And they destroyed the organization. It lost its funding, laid off all its volunteer/employees and exists no more.

Who benefits? People who don't want poor folks to become orgainized, to know their rights and to be able to vote. Wonder who that might be?

In other news, Obama=Amin. Not.
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