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Just a quick jump in--imagine a double dutch jump rope game going on and I just jump in!

I have to object pretty strongly to one thing junebug said above. Children in famine situations do not starve due to "bad parenting".   >:(

(I assume we are not talking about some weirdo abusive parents who have enough food, but keep the children tied to a bed in the basement and don't feed them until they die of starvation.)

If we are talking about the starving African kids we see on the news and on fundraising letters from international charities, we are talking about widespread famine, not something a few adults in a family can do anything about. These kids die because, despite everything their desperate, also starving parents can do, they cannot get enough food to feed their kids. :'(

Most often the main cause is warfare.  Warfare takes normal farm families who know how to grow food, find water, raise animals and care for themselves, and turns them, within a few weeks, into homeless refugees.  Now they have to flee their villages and towns, scrounge and scavenge for food and water, while walking miles carrying whatever they could grab when the men with guns showed up.

If they are lucky, they make it to a safe place where there are relief workers and food in time. If they are not lucky, they are caught and killed by the men with guns. Or they die of dehydration and starvation before they make it to the safe place.

If you can imagine all the things you would do to feed your children before watching them waste away and die before your eyes-- lie, cheat, steal, beg, pray, borrow, sell all you owned, prostitute yourself-- well, those African parents did all those things, too. Not bad parents at all. Just parents with no food for their kids and no way to get any.

BTW, no supernatural being has ever intervened and magically given food, medicine and shelter to refugee families to save their dying babies. And believe me, nobody is praying for help more sincerely than they are.

As you were, soldiers.
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