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See the difference?

Someone here just challenged me to keep an open mind, to resist confirmation bias.  Your very name on this forum says to me that you've made up your mind and no quantity, frequency or magnatude of supernatural intervention is going to penetrate that.

All your examples simply dismiss any acknowledgement of God's intervention regardless.  The corporate fallacy here is evident because I'm the only one that will tell you that your thinking is purposefully unreasonable, because the others here have lost their conscious to the group.

To trust your objectivity you would have to change your name, otherwise why should I trust you are being fair?

You seem upset because I don't accept your stories as evidence of god, ie a supernatural being. You have also taken issue with my screen name, as if I really do see the evidence of the supernatural all the time but because my mind is somehow closed to god, I refuse to acknowledge it.

That is clearly not the case. I am surrounded by religious people, including my husband, who believe in the supernatural. I used to believe in the supernatural myself. I grew up in a highly religious home, and knew nothing but conservative Christianity. When I started to learn about the world and questioned what I had been taught, religion and gods gradually stopped being good explanations.  I went new age for a while ("there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason," etc.) but gave up that for rational thinking.

I have heard of many strange things, and experienced strange things in my own life, things that might be evidence of the supernatural. But after more than 50 years of life on this earth, I am more inclined to believe I made a mistake or someone imagined something that really was not there. Why would I assume that an unusual event was caused by a magical being if everyday explanations will suffice? Religion gives really bad answers to good questions.

Did you look at my descriptions of the difference between strange or unusual versus supernatural? I am telling you that your rock story is not supernatural, and therefore can not be evidence for the existence of your god. People pick up rocks all the time, for no reason at all! Sometimes the rock they picked up comes in handy later.  That is called a coincidence.

You say the Holy Spirit was guiding you to pick up that rock, but who really knows why you decided to pick it up? You have admitted that the rock was not even a random anonymous rock, but one that was connected to you by your daughter putting it there. Maybe that is why you picked it up, unconsciously connecting the rock with your kid.
If something could have happened without a magical supernatural force, why add a magical supernatural being to the story? If the rock had flown up off the ground into your hand, you might have a hard time getting people to believe it really happened, but at least you could categorize it as supernatural. Because rocks never do that on their own. But you picked up the rock yourself and put it in your pocket, not your god. 
The other part is that you can't prove that the supernatural force (if it indeed was one) was actually from your god. You just think it was, because that is the god you already believe in. If you believed in Eshu, you would think Eshu influenced you. And you would have no more evidence for Eshu than you have for the god you believe in.

I picked my screen name because, so far, nobody has yet given me sufficient reason to believe in any gods. You are on track for helping me keep calling myself nogodsforme. Thanks. :)
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