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The exact same kind of stories (look at this unexpected thing that happened to me, it must be supernatural, I am so special) come out of every religious tradition. Islam, Hinduism, you name it.

So, why assume that it was the Christian god who made the books come out right? Why not attribute it to Jah or Vishnu or Yemaya? Or even Satan, considering that you were apparently stealing and got away with it.

We atheists also have had strange and wonderful things happen to us-- we have survived car crashes and recovered from illnesses and gotten jobs and won prizes and found our lost keys. We have missed the plane that later crashed, saved the kid from drowning and found the wallet full of money, too. Who was helping us, since we don't believe in or worship any supernatural dieties?

And we have also had our share of bad things happen, just like religious people. We have lost jobs, gotten sick, gotten evicted, lost our true love. But we don't ignore the bad things and thank some diety for the good things, like many religious people do. We try to figure out why things happen and try to help the good things happen more often.

When people believe in gods, demons, spirits and magic, they don't even bother to look at the facts. Why would they, when facts don't really matter? That is why the most religious places where people pray a lot and wait for god to do something have worse social outcomes than the places where people use science and rational thinking to solve their problems.

Which would you want to get if you were suffering from starvation: rehydration and nutrition from a medical person or prayers from a priest? Atheist doctors in Cuba have a better track record of keeping babies alive than Vodun practictioners in Haiti. Non-religious Norway and Japan are nicer places to live than very religious India and Afghanistan. It's a wonder that religion stays around, with such a sucky track record.
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