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^^^^Oh noes! Are we going to have to watch Mooby watching fruit rot? Would be as useful as this thread, but less entertaining.

As with many theists, we could put just about any imaginary or unlikely creature in Mooby's sentences in place of "god" and we would know as much. Giant Love Unicorn. The girl from Planet Claire. Leza of the Kongo. Big Bird.

And, how is monotheism is more "evolved" or accurate than polytheism?  One god belief is moving towards accuracy? A billion Hindus and millions of indigenous folks all over the world beg to differ. Since there is no objective evidence for any gods, why would one-god Christians think they are more likely to be right than the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Norse, Greeks or Romans? I don't get that at all. Because one is easier to remember? Is being monolingual somehow more advanced or evolved or accurate than being multilingual?

I guess if one god is better than many, no gods is best of all! Nogods ends with a pun for the win!
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