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Well allow me to just say that I think there is little consideration given towards those individuals whom may need to believe in this just to cope with existence. Some may be extremely satisfied with their existence and just want something or someone to thank for having such a wonderful time on Earth. Accept if you will, even if for just a moment; that some people need this and that some people want this belief in their lives, maybe then you wouldn't go out and demand explanations and accuse others of being deceptive.

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If people believed in invisible magical powerful beings to cope with existence in the privacy of their own brains, we would not even know about it! Nobody could "demand" anything about anyone's beliefs if they kept those beliefs private. Give thanks to anyone you want for your existence here on earth--your mama, your Brahma, Jehovah, Batman, Santa Claus, Wonder Woman, Mr. Spock or Thor. Or all of them. Knock yourself out! Who would care?

But people don't stop with their own belief. They have to try to change laws that affect other people, make policy governing other people, affect what other people's kids learn in school, block scientific advancements by and for other people. They have to force other people to live by their beliefs. They want to change other people's lives, tell other people who to have sex with or who to marry, what medical procedures or treatments other people can have, or what other people can eat and drink, or what other people will celebrate and how. They even beat up or kill other people who don't believe the same.

If the belief is not even based on real evidence, if it is obviously just some made up legends forced on people throughout history for political reasons, on top of everything else, there are some pretty important reasons to, at the very least, ask some skeptical questions about that belief. At the extreme, it might be necessary to fight against the people who have that belief.
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