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Samuelke, we human beings are never even aware of most of what you call "nature",  its beauty and so forth. A lot of nature is not detectable to us at all with our senses ie without microscopes, telescopes, infrared, satellites and so forth.

But you maintain that god created nature for human beings to enjoy?[1] Even the parts that have nothing to do with us, like the birds dancing for each other?

Most of the living things on this planet exist for a brief moment, reproduce if lucky, and then die. Are human beings the only exception, the only creature with another life after this one? Isn't that a waste? Why all these other plants, animals, and microbes, most of which have nothing whatsoever to do with human beings? Evolution explains all that--enviromental niches are filled. "God made it all" just leads to more questions. Like "why"?
 1. We don't even need to get into why god created all the parts of nature that are determined to destroy us.
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