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The "flood really happened" thing is really scary to me.

If there had been a worldwide flood, there would be worldwide geological evidence, and it would be indisputable. The great flood would be the basis of every geology course in the world. Creation folks would not have to pick and choose bits of scientific information (like sea shells on mountain tops) and make them fit a flood narrative. Everything would already fit the flood narrative. Fossils would be jumbled up, with reptiles, mammals and humans all mixed together. There would be a mix of plants and animals instead of distinct species adapted to separate ecosystems. In other words, there would be marsupials like kangaroos everywhere, not just in one tiny region of the planet.

Instead we see fossils laid down in distinct layers, with simpler creatures below the more complex ones. We see dinosaurs well separated from later mammals. We see modern human remains separate from the earlier species of hominids. We see ferns and other early plant fossils below the more complex plants with seeds. We also see that the fossil record matches up with every system of dating.

And we find indigenous and endemic species separated by oceans, islands and mountains. We only find pandas in China, only find chiclids in central African lakes. Many organisms have a very short life span and depend on a social environment where you need far more than a handful to continue the species--bees and ants come to mind.

None of this could possibly be the case if a flood large enough to cover the earth  had happened. Such a catastrophic event would have disrupted all marine, arctic, desert and tropical micro ecosystems. It would have killed most microorganisms, bird life, plant life, insect life and amphibious life. Temperature rise would mean no polar bears or penguins who rely on ice to survive.  The few animals, insects and plants that did somehow survive would die off soon from lack of food, companions, etc.

Any human survivors would have perished in the disease environment created by rotting corpses and vegetation-- if the lack of uncontaminated water and fresh food did not kill them first. There would be no marine life, no animals to hunt or herd, nothing to plant and no soil to plant in. The physics of such an event would also be catastrophic to the weather and geomorphology of the planet.

In other words, such a flood would have rather quickly ended all life on earth. Add the belief that a few people and animals could survive the flood in a gigantic sealed up wooden boat and re-populate the planet, and you have a level of nonsense that is incredible. How anyone in the 21st century can believe such a story is beyond me.  :?
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