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  What you have to prove is that God is real, not that God exists.

I check all the rules.  Your claim is false.  Besides, I only claim to argue any and all cases from the basis that God exists as a construct as written in the scriptures.  I also claim to believe He is real as a personal statement.  Not as a mathematical proof. Science can't prove anything.

(my emphasis)

Science can't prove anything.

Yet you drive a car with a fire inside it, that somehow does not blow up and kill you when you turn the key; you drink water from your faucet rather than from your toilet even though you cannot see any difference; you have a toilet and a sewer system instead of a hole in the ground that leaks into your water supply; you can put food in the fridge instead of leaving it out all night to spoil; you talk on the phone not knowing how your voice is carried to the other person; you even use a computer based on so much [unproveable] physics it would fill several textbooks.

You could live without the science you dislike so much right now-- in a 3rd world village lacking well-lit, well-paved roads, access to medical care, electricity, sewers, or running water. Where babies and kids die from things that we have school-kid vaccinations for here in the US. Where almost nobody makes it past 65 or 70. I've done it. I've seen babies die of typhoid in front of me. I've had malaria and parasites.

But you know you don't want to do that, because you have already passed the life expectancy of many poor countries. You did not die as a child from parasites, diarrhea, smallpox or malaria. Despite many stresses and problems, you live far better than you would 100 years ago, 500 years ago or 1500 years ago. Because of science.

Know what? I love science. Science can't prove anything and can't fix everything. Except it has made possible everything that makes you better off than people in the 3rd world, or your great-great-great grandparents.
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