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I'd let anybody who believed they could help.
If a candy striper said she could do a better job,
I'd trust her judgment over a surgeon.

Care to demonstrate that?

Not liking a doctors diagnosis of my condition I continued to seek additional council of anyone who would see me.  After 5 physicians I found one who recognized my problem.  I would gladly have accepted the advice of even the janitor if it had been offered.   Thanks to the delay I have scars across my face.  Similar to this situation:
But you did not seek the advice of a janitor or an airline pilot or a shoe clerk or a minister of the bible. You continued to seek help from medically trained doctors. Until one figured out what was wrong. And you blame medical science, that solved your problem, for your problem.

I am sorry you had health problems. But do you really think a person with zero medical information, ie the janitor, would have helped you figure out what treatment you needed? If so, why go to doctors for help at all? Just go to the janitor. It would be much cheaper.
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