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I have calmed down now and my size 12's are back on the floor.  &)

I just lost it thinking about my growing baby girl (who understands bisexuality, loves Rent and adores Glee, but still sleeps with a stuffed bear and likes to do her Barbies' hair) trying to negotiate her way around some smooth talking 25 year old creepazoid man or woman. Who may be filming the whole episode on their phone to post on their facebook page.  :P

Legendary awesomeness, indeed. Sex is a great thing, but not when someone is tricked, coerced, lied to and manipulated into doing something for another person's entertainment. Who wants their first sexual experience to be someone else's throwaway thrill?

Emotional maturity and the ability to make responsible decisions that could affect you the rest of your life don't just magically appear at age 16 or 18. That's why "legal age of consent" is crap.  Of course a 14, 15, 16 year old thinks attracting the attention of a 20-something is cool. And hormonal fluctuations are a bad basis for making good choices at any age. We are atheists, the rational people, remember?

Our kids only get one shot at life, and we can't throw them out into the world and think that supernatural forces will save them from AIDS, herpes, pregnancy or exploitation. That is why young people have to be watched, guided, advised and protected by older people who care about their well-being.
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