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My daughter is a very young and immature 15. Anybody ten years her senior, male or female , who tries to pull any sh!t like that on her will have my size 12's up their a$$ so far they will have a footprint on their tongue. Police may be needed-- to pry my hands from around their throat.

A parent's primary duty is to protect their kids. I wish my parents had protected me.

And, as for you joebbowers, would you still think it was "legendary awesome" if that woman managed to talk that boy into some unprotected sexual act[1] that left him feeling ashamed, embarrassed, worried about causing a pregnancy, at risk of a disease, and afraid to tell anyone about it? Are bragging rights really that important?

Because the main reason older people prey sexually on younger people is to get away with sh!t that most people their own age are already hip to. Same reason sex tourists go to third world countries--to prey on young and unprotected kids.
 1. a young male student said that older women seek him out at parties because he will do it "raw dog"
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