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People manage to live with all kinds of contradictions.
They don't want there to be any abortions. Except for theirs, or their daughters, or wife's or girlfriend's. Then they complain that there aren't any Planned Parenthood offices in their community.
They don't want to pay taxes. Then they complain when the government doesn't do anything about this or that problem. And they want to cut more taxes.
They want the schools to teach children better. Then they cheer when their governor lays off hundreds of teachers. And they complain when unemployment rises.
They complain about government workers, because they make too much money, have nice benefits, and do easy, cushy work. But they would never advise their kids to be teachers, police or firefighters because the work is dangerous and hard, the pay is low compared to your skill level,  and you get no respect from the public!

They complain when they go into a government office because the buildings are old, the chairs are uncomfortable, the lines are long, there are too few workers and they are harried and overworked. And they somehow think that turning the functions of that office over to the private sector (where they have to do the same work with the same tax money, plus make a profit) would make it better...

They have no idea what the government does for them. But they know that the government does it badly and should stop doing it. &)
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