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Why can't anyone of those billions of believers bring us a single convincing fact or piece of evidence? It's almost like they don't have any. &)

Oddly enough, our counterparts on the religious sites say the same thing about atheists.

But they eventually accept the new information, absorb it into their world view and then just soldier on as if everything was the same as in 300AD.

Examples: in the 19th century religious folks denied Darwin's ideas.  No animals could go extinct because god made everything perfect. Humans could not possibly be related to other animals because god made humans special with souls. There were no dinosaurs because the bible did not allow that--they could not fit on the ark, etc. The earth was not old enough for anything to evolve, live for 200 million years, and go extinct and become fossilized. Nobody believed in germs--it was god's will if you lived or died.

Now pretty much everyone recognizes extinction and even global climate change--as signs of the last days! Jesus rode a dinosaur and your doggie and kitty cat will be in heaven with you because they have souls just like people. Time for "micro" evolution speeds up or slows down, depending on what the argument against "macro" evolution is. There are too many or not enough fossils to prove anything. Germs are everywhere, especially in heathen countries, because Satan. And god still finds missing keys for comfortable Americans while letting babies starve in Sudan.

But we are the ones who have no evidence. &)
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