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Alzael, perhaps I'm missing something but when a typical theist comes here, they are confronted with several posts per thread.

The posts in the thread are walls of text.

I think, its unrealistic to expect any human with a life to reply to all those texts. Certainly, if I were in his place and right now I don't have a life, I'd only respond to a few of them.

I was just trying to respond to one of these posts, Velkyn's. A careful response would take far too much time.

Now to be far, perhaps walls of text begat walls of text; i.e., the OPs may not have been short either.
I think there is a real difference between 1) well thought out, carefully crafted, original, on-point "walls of text" that are just long responses, and 2) cut 'n paste walls 'o text from some apologist website, or even worse, 3) the unedited, rambling, grammatically incorrect, free-floating stream-of-unconsciousness walls of text that we get from some people. Like wordybird of a few days ago.

We just like to see people put some thought and time into their responses. Even if a reply is short, it should show evidence of a thought process. I try not to insult anyone by cutting and pasting from a website, or throwing up something long, rambling and barely related when they had written me something careful and original. (Obvious snark excepted.)

The problem is, we often get theists who really don't understand what they believe. (If they understood it, they might not believe it...) And they cannot admit that they just don't have a good answer to our questions. So they get short and snippy, or cut 'n paste from something they think sounds smart, or they go nuts on us with the rambling.

So, theists, if you can't think of a response, just say so. If you don't know something, just say so. It's okay not to know something. But if you b.s. us, or just disappear when you think you are losing the argument, we get pissed off.
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