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There is no such thing as an evolutionist, jakec47. There are people who accept scientific facts, and people who don't.

Amazingly enough, most people who don't accept scientific facts use the products of that very same science every single day without much problem. You obviously use a highly complex computer, probably a satellite guided cell phone and a car that runs on petroleum.

You probably accept that CSI (DNA, forensic anthropology, etc) is the best way to determine who committed a crime or what kind of remains are in that shallow grave. You probably have a water supply that is treated to kill harmful organisms. You eat food from crops made resistant to pests by genetic alterations. You might have been vaccinated against various illnesses--even if you haven't, you benefit because other people have been vaccinated and can't infect you.

All products of the same scientific method that you want to deny.

At least the Amish, who also deny science, are not hypocrites. They don't use cell phones, cars or computers.

ps Any news update on how Noah got all those million or so species of animals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc into a gigantic,  unseaworthy wooden boat, kept them fed, clean, and healthy for several months while packed in unsanitary, unventilated, dark and stormy conditions, and then returned them all to their proper habitats?

It would have to be dark, because one match in all that methane and kabloom, up goes the forage storage in a blast of glory. I am surprised the Noah story isn't used by PETA as a prime example of how NOT to treat animals....

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