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I do! I do! Maybe I've got a masochistic streak.

Has anyone who believes in the Noah's Ark story been to a zoo recently? Consider: no zoo on earth has ever been able to obtain one mating pair of every animal on the planet. Not even just the mammals. Or the birds. Or the reptiles. Not even close. We don't even know how many animals exist, or where they all are.

Noah had all that info, and made this really long list and a drew a really detailed map-- that we cannot recreate with today's advanced technology. Noah would have to 1)collect all the animnals and then 2)get them back to the right locations after the flood.  Kangaroos right back to Australia, mate. Nowhere else.

Many animals live in such specialized environments (temperature, air pressure,  humidity, altitude, food sources, etc) that it would take a very expensive and exacting process to move them from one habitat to another. And the new habitat would have to replicate the original one (same temperature, altitude, food, etc.).

Noah did all this without heating, air conditioning, a barometer or even a thermometer.

Koala bears only eat fresh eucalyptus leaves. And pandas eat bamboo. Polar bears eat, well, fresh fish and stuff like.... koala bears. So you would have to have the food sources all squared away, and be able to keep the predators away from the prey. You would have to move the animals to the new habitat pretty damn quick so they would not go hungry or eat each other.

Noah did this, before airplanes or motorized vehicles of any kind.

We won't even get into the massive feeding, watering and sanitation problems you face with just two elephants on a boat for over a month. You are talking, literally, tons of animal sh!t. Like I said, been to a zoo lately? Want to smell that for forty days?

And we are just talking about a few mammals. Add in the insects, reptiles, birds, slugs, spiders, worms, bacteria, viruses, parasites that live in or on hosts organisms. We have not even considered all the zillion plant species that would have to be saved from the flood waters.

We could not do anything close to that with today's technology. So, it did not happen 4000 years ago. This Noah's ark thing, my bible-believing friend, could not have happened. It. did. not. happen.

If you say Noah did it all with god magic, then, why have a big-a$$  flood at all? Just erase the bad stuff from the earth with god magic and start over.

But then you have to ask all kinds of icky questions, like where did the bad stuff come from, and didn't god know the people would be bad, and why did god want to kill all the babies and puppies and evil giraffes that did not make it onto the ark.... &)
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