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One thing I have noticed over the years is how many religious folks eventually leave off trying to show how their god works in everyday life. Because they clearly can't.  Science has explained so many everyday things that the supernatural has [almost] no place anymore.

People accept that science has the answers to everyday questions. Even the "I don't see how evolution could be true because monkeys" theist drives a car, uses a computer and a cell phone to tell others how science does not work, cooks hybrid popcorn with microwaves, watches a CSI program on cable, and takes medicine when sick. In any given day, the ignorant, anti-science theist uses modern science almost non-stop.

Things that sent our terrified ancestors to search for sacrifices to offer the gods don't even phase us today. We no longer think god causes earthquakes or volcanoes. We know what causes the plague and can prevent or treat it. We save lives with antibiotics and heal amputees with all kinds of very advanced prosthetics. We can treat many forms of mental illness, are on the verge of creating vaccines for malaria and AIDS.

Science=billions and billions, as Carl Sagan would say. Religion=zero

So they latch onto the very edges of scientific knowledge to try to prove the existence of the supernatural. It's not like they really want to learn the science-- they have no intention of becoming theoretical physicists. They just want enough of the vocabulary so they can say, "Aha! They found the god particle, see? Even the atheist scientists have to admit there is a god! That means the bible is true!" Not realizing that the more we find out about the universe, the less need there is for any supernatural explanations.

Don't they themselves wonder why god always retreats into the area of the most difficult speculations, as science fills in the more obvious gaps of our knowledge?

Within my lifetime [I hope] we may 1)discover extra terrestrial life; and 2) create life in a laboratory setting. Then the Christians will suddenly find that the bible really meant "extra terrestrial" and "science lab" when it said "earth" all along.

At that point, all the bible-based theists will have left is the origin of the universe question.
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