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I don't claim to be an expert on the subject I have just recently learn more about it since I decided to do a paper on evolution and creation. And before I started this paper I figured it would be pretty balanced argument but I found that there is a lot less evidence than I thought for evolution. I went to that page its a lot to take in so I'll let you know how that goes and it will help me with my paper so thank you. I have done a lot of research and tried to be non bias on the subject. And I am currently in college if you must know. But what I was saying about winning if someone reduces to insulting is that if a person can't have an intellectual argument and state evidence for their case then what they say doesn't really matter that's where I get the "I win" part

Hello, nicetry54.

Black dreadlocked atheist commie mommy, college professor, earth scientist, and big fat nerd here.  Boy, have you stepped in it. Your few postings so far don't give me any confidence that you know much about science.

Religious people seem to think that there is a big theory of everything science-y out there that combines all the evil atheist ideas to prove there is no god. We supposedly grab onto any crackpot concept, no matter how impossibly far-fetched to explain away god. So we can go on our happy little atheist ways, sneering in the face of the one true god Jehovah, or Allah, or Ahura Mazda while murdering our grandmas, barbecuing the neighbor's kitty-cat, group fornicating on the front lawn of the nearest megachurch.  &)

Other people have brought up the fact that the BBT in astrophysics does not have anything to do with the Theory of Evolution in biological science. Entirely different fields of science, with entirely different bodies of evidence. They are so unrelated that if one-- the BBT, say--was shown to be entirely false (which is pretty unlikely at this late date) the other one-- say evolutionary theory, say-- could still be completely valid. The entire universe as we know it could have been sneezed fully formed out of a gigantic god figure's nose.[1] And it still would not invalidate evolutionary theory. 

Do you believe that the Nobel Prize for physics is handed out to people who just make up stuff without any evidence that it might be true? Because there have been several awarded for work on the BBT.....and it's a lousy tv show, btw.
 1. Well, it couldn't have been, actually, because there is no evidence of that...
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