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Not the creator god of any major religion, that's for sure! Psycho and mean and petty and mostly absent, sort of a sadistic, sexually abusive, conservative deadbeat dad? No thanks!

I can imagine the kind of creator I would like there to be, if there had to be one. A wise, cool and groovy laid-back kumbayah kinda dude/dudette who makes sure everyone has musical talent, enough to eat, a body that works and doesn't break down until you are ready to go, and the ability to let each living creature live out his/her/its life with a cheerful "ciao, li'l buddy" at the end.

Sort of a cross between Gandhi, Yoda, Bob Marley and Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas. If he looks like Robert Downey Jr, that wouldn't hurt.... With a big dose of the Prime Directive -- non-intervention into human affairs, unless we really start to get crazy and try to destroy the earth or something.

That seems pretty simple and straightforward. No eternal judgments, no weird tests, no human or animal sacrifices, no sins, either original or plagiarized. People and cultures would be able to work out their own laws and customs as they saw fit, with one caveat: "don't hurt nobody".

My creator person would make it so any time one person intentionally and with malice aforethought hurt someone else or damaged any part of the earth, the same exact pain or damage would snap back at them. Don't enslave someone, if you don't want to find yourself being made a slave, too.

That's it. The warning "don't hurt nobody" would not require any overlong sacred texts or endless lists of laws. It would just be the Golden Rule, inscribed in the reality of the world. Since every child would have experienced the "snap back" from an early age, you would not need to have "thou shalt nots" listed anywhere. It would be internalized that if you hurt anyone, you get hurt, too.

And every ten years or so check in to remind all of us that we did not have to worship or pray or anything, just don't hurt nobody. And party on! :laugh:
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