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I voted in favor of that law. Problem is with the six-month diagnosis. Nana had six months to live when she was diagnosed with the cancer at age 84. But you can't tell how long you will live. She decided (wisely, I thought) not to do chemo and to only do pain management and hospice. That was two years ago. No treatment, people. She wakes up every morning wondering why she is not dead.

We have convinced her, with difficulty, to spend all her money in the time she has left to enjoy herself. We took her to Montreal and to Hawaii; she has gone to Ireland and we all went to the east coast to see where she was born and to meet the few childhood friends she has left. (One woman, Miss Anna, weighs 74 pounds fully clothed. I have never seen an adult that tiny who was not Asian.) We just took her to the new Meryl Streep sex movie and she laughed her a$$ off.

So, she was not ready for the end when she was diagnosed. Now, who knows?
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