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I wouldn't say Christians fail, I would say they haven't tried to do those things. Maybe Christians don't have enough faith to believe that God could heal an amputation, maybe they've never thought about it before, I know I've never thought about it before I heard about this site.
ROFL.  Sure, Coink, Christians have never tried to pray for a amputation to be healed.  It’s sad that this is the best you have.  Now that you’ve thought of it, why do you fail or why do you refuse to heal someone? 
The reason I came here is because this is such a unique argument.
I have trouble when Atheists use words like Honorable and Humane though, in a world of blind chance of cause and effect where morals are decided by society and culture, where there is no meaning or point to life or anything it strikes me odd that you use such words to describe things.
  Poor thing, you have trouble when someone who doesn’t’ agree with you has no problem being honorable and humane.  And the reason you have trouble is that you lie and try to imagine that all atheists are nihilists.  Well, lying to yourself does cause problems.  There is plenty of meaning and “point” to life.  I have love, happiness.  I’m sorry you don’t or think those things are worth anything or that you don’t have them. 
These things that you describe they are just things that happen if you are an Atheist there is no sort of moral value to them.
There’s plenty of moral value to them, just not moral value assigned by some imaginary bogeyman.
Yes William Lane Craig, he's the one that Richard Dawkins will not debate. You ought to watch some of his debates where he debates the points and the Atheist just keeps spewing God is evil Christianity is bad for 2 hours.
  Yep, and do you know why Dawkins won’t debate him?  It’s not because Dawkins hasn’t already answered his lies, it is because WLC is a deceitful bastard on stage.  If WLC’s arguments were so good, you’d think he’d reply to Dawkins in writing.  But he can’t.  I do like to see you keep lying, coink, wiwthyour claim that “atheists gloss over facts” and of course having no evidence of such a thing.   I’ve seen those debates and I know you are lying.  That’s unfortunate for you and really makes me wonder about a Christian who tells such inept lies at the cost of his supposed soul.     

You claim you “love” people but I dont’ see that at all.  I see a person willing to lie to me in order to try to take away my ability to make an informed decision. You don’t love people at all, you want to be validated and acknowledged as “right”.  Selfish little thing.
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