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And you can't tell me in your own words how that it's proof of a Big Bang?  I NEVER get an answer, just accusations of lying.  Can you please answer a question?

sad to see that you are such a hypocrite, demanding answers, having them given to you, refusing to acknowledge them and then refusing to answer questions yourself.  The universe was observed and looked like something made everything move away from everything else.  We know that explosions do something *similar* (not exactly the same at all) to that so that’s how the BBT started.  A hypothesis was made to venture a reason on why the universe looks as it does.   This hypothesis was put out for others to disprove it.  Science made more discoveries that supported and refined the basic hypothesis so it becam a theory  that there was some event that caused energy and matter to act as observed.  Predictions were made by this theory have come true so more evidence supports it. 

this is the usual nonsense by a Christian who wants to claim that we should respect his claims but then when the hard questions come about this nonsense, then he whines about how dare we expect him to have any answers. You are just one more human being who wants to be believed to have special knowledge but who has nothing to show that he is anything but average.   He attacks science because it threatens this delusion that he’s special.  He clings to his ignorance because to do anything else would be admitting that he is nothing more than the rest of us.
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