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Now, I’m sure all of the points I shall bring up have already been done, but I like to personally respond to responses to me. 
I do know what a parable is and yes it is Jesus in the parable. But the point i was trying to make is when he says to kill him with the sword in front of him he is not beings that specific, Jesus is not going to tell his angels to go get a sword and kill that person with it. He is referring to the judgment. He will then destroy (kill) all those who are unsaved. And since Jesus is omnipresent it probably will be in front of him, but he will not delight in it. Sin is such a malignant thing that he must rid the universe of it.
And Paul was saying that some people God predestines to not follow him for the purpose of him showing his mercy. For example he hardened Pharoah's heart to show all the Israelites his power and his ability to rescue them from slavery in Egypt. Also Judas Iscariot was predestined to betray Christ. There are probably only a few people who are actually predestined, most of us have a choice, as a matter of fact, in todays world I'd say that all of us have a choice now.
  So you decide that you can ignore what the parable says.  ;D Typical Christian, deciding what your god will and won’t do.  So much for your claims of not making up things about your god.  and JC isn’t talking to angels, he’s talking to humans. No angels mentioned.  The parable of the 10 bags of gold might be read as you are trying to make it, but not the Luke version. 

I love how you find it perfectly fine that your god damns people to “show its mercy”.  Hiliarous!  Your god, if one is to believe your bible, murdered many many Egyptians who had no choice since your god was controlling its pharaoh.  How “fair”! How “just”!  :o No, he couldn’t’ have just teleported the Israelites out (not that any of this is shown to have actually happened); he had to kill people.  And poor Judas, he was fucked by your god with no choice in the matter.  It’s so cute to see people like you, oh so sure that they have the right answer to this vicious god but being all piously content in reading about such injustice.  As long as you think you get your magic prize, you don’t give a damn.
It's not my opinion that your wicked, its God's. And your not a bad person because you don't agree with ME you are a bad person (according to the Scriptures) because you don't believe in God.
  Well, Jake, perhaps I can’t believe in your god because it doesn’t let me.  Is that fair?  Are you happy with a god that picks and chooses who it will damn?  Do you think it’s god’s right to murder whomever he wants, when intentionally making them unable to believe?  If you are parent, would you kill a child for getting something wrong that you didn’t allow it to know?  If so, that’s sad. 
And again it is not MY decision as to what God's law is, his law is specifically stated in Exodus 20. The Ten Commandments are the laws I follow as well as Jesus' teachings which were in perfect harmony with the Ten Commandments.
  The commandments and laws don’t stop at the first ten. I suggest you actually read your bible and not repeat the lies that your pastor or priest has told you.  I do agree that JC was all for people following *all* of his supposed father’s commandments.  And I know that you don’t.  Christians can’t even figure out when the “Sabbath” supposedly is. 

And Jesus does not say that sell all our possessions and follow him. You take that out of context. When he said that to the rich young man he was offering him the chance to become on of his disciples. It is not a requirement that we sell all our possessions. We should not however have excessive possessions. But all that we need.
Unfortunately for you, I have read the bible and know that you are wrong.  The context of this set of verses supports that *all* of the followers of JC, including the disciples and including *you* are to give up all they have and trust in this god.  JC references the lilies of the field, the birds of the air in other parts and all of them make the *context* of a man who thought the end of the world was imminent.  There is nothing saying “keep what you need”.  Again you’ve made things up in order to excuse your god and keep your comforts. 
And I find it interesting that you can tell if i keep the commandments or not considering you apparently don't even know me. How could you make such a statement? Oh and you say you can control yourself then tell me have do you obey the Ten Commandments? Because if you can't then you cannot control yourself. And Jesus' death is NOT an excuse not to obey the laws, he died to prove that the laws are perfect and cannot be transgressed without bloodshed. The laws are still in effect and perfect. And its not like he didn't know about the snake in the garden, God knew that the devil was tempting them, and it was a simple test of obedience. Just like when you tell your children, no dont do this, a test of obedience to see if they obey. Only here they are adults and should know better whereas children are expected to make mistakes. And you say quite a God you have there. Well my God love me more than anyone on the face of the earth because he essentially jumped in front of a bullet for me. And for that I thank him and serve him.
  Well, Jake, you are using a computer and arguing that you don’t have to do what JC says. So, I’m quite sure that you aren’t wearing clothes that are of only one fiber, that you don’t keep slaves, that you don’t treat women as property,  that you don’t force women to marry their rapists, that you don’t kill sassy children, that you don’t murder people who work on the Sabbath, etc, all of which are laws supposedly directly from god.  God supposed dictates every single law that is in Exodus and Leviticus. 

I don’t obey the “ten commandments” because they are largely ignorant. Do they contain some basic laws that all human cultures do, including much earlier cultures?  Yep, they sure do.  I don’t murder, I don’t steal, bear false witness, etc.  But I also don’t treat women as property (women are in the list of property in the do not “covet” commandment),  I do not have to worship some vicious god like in the first, I can take the name of this god in vain since I think its imaginary and have seen no evidence to the contrary.  I happily have a good mom and dad, but I would not “honor” them if they didn’t deserve it.  I have plenty of self control and none of it depends on some primitive god that someone else has made up. 

You want to claim that your god knew that the “snake” was in the garden.  You say it was to intentionally “test” A&E.  Then like so many Christians, you’ve just made your god too stupid to know what the results would be.  I guess he’s not omniscient anymore.  And I would not test my children just to watch them fail.  What a nasty person you are if you think this is acceptable.  Your god doesn’t love you since you can’t even show it exists. but I’m sure it makes you feel really special in claiming some “all-powerful” being cares for you and only you.  Your god, if you think your bible is true, shot the bullet that you claimed it jumped in front of. Your god sounds no better than a pyromaniac that joins a fire department and then sets fires that he will have to respond to so he looks the hero.  Like I said, great god there, Jake.  I’m better than *that*.
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