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Actually Jesus did not say that they should be brought before HIM. It was a parable it was the man of noble birth who wanted the servant to be killed in front of him. In second Peter it says, "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting ANYONE to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9 NIV) He does not want anyone to die so he surely does not want anyone to be killed in front of him.
  Oh that’s hilarious.  The man of noble birth is Jesus in the parable.  Now, I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly that you know what a parable is, a story in where metaphors are used, and one thing means another.  The context of this parable is the return of JC.  It is largely the same as the parable of the ten bags of gold, Matthew 25.  Each postulates a man going away and leaving his servants with money to handle as they will.  The Matthew version has that those who do not take care of the talents the way the man asks will be thrown into the “darkness”, and uses the usual “gnashing of teeth” threats.  The only difference is that in the version in Luke the man, e.g. Jesus Christ who will go away (be killed and return), asks for people who don’t want him to return as their king to be killed before him. 

So, do you know what a parable is, Jakec47?  If you do, and you know that they are telling stories to explain a point (or in JC’s stated case, to confuse people and prevent them from understanding and accepting him), what or who do you think the noble man represents?

As for your claim of the verses in 2 Peter, why yes it does say that.  I’ve read the bible and I know it quite well. Your bible is full of things like this, utter contradictions.  The message that early Christians were telling changed to excuse the inaction of their god and to get a bigger audience.  It wasn’t just a jewish messiah anymore, it was a savior for all mankind.  We go from JC saying that people who don’t comprehend and accept him are kept from doing that by his/God’s actions (Matthe 13).  We have Paul saying that this god picks and chooses who he allowed to believe (Romans 9).  So much for wanting everyone to be saved.  Universalist Christians often glom onto this verse in trying to ignore the fact that their god repeatedly says that non-believers are worth no more than death or hell. They don’t like such a mean god.  Again, we see Christians having all sorts of versions of what their god “really” meant.  You might find this interesting: http://www.religioustolerance.org/salvatio.htm 

Sorry I didn't realize velkyn was a girls name. But I don't care if you discuss this, I just posted that to see why people would discuss this, not to want them to stop, if i wanted them to stop I wouldn't be here. Its not like im being force to be on this site. And if you say you were a Christian and now your still a decent person, if you don't believe according to God your not a decent person but a wicked person. I'm just saying that I was bad, meaning I transgressed God's law, and now I don't transgress God's law very often, but if I do, I have an advocate in Christ Jesus. Not that I can keep on sinning just because of Jesus but if i'm truly sorry, and when I sin I am truly sorry. The sin I once loved I now HATE. But sometimes I still sin because essentially I can't control myself. I dislike that I can't control myself it makes me angry, but God knows how I'm just a weak human who is prone to do these things, hence that is why Jesus died.

there are gender markers on this forum that you can use. Look to your left, you’ll see “gender:” under the avatar picture.   Velkyn isn’t a girls name but the circle with the cross attached underneath it is a designation for female. 

Nice to say that I’m a “wicked person” for not believing in your imaginary bogeyman. :D  Nope, not at all.  Your god doesn’t exist so it’s just your opinion that someone who doesn’t agree with you is “wicked”. Each Christian says the same thing, you don’t agree with me, wahhhh, so you’re a bad bad person. &)   And you claim not to “transgress God’s law very often”.  Of course, it’s your decision on what you think God’s law actually is.  I’m fairly sure you don’t follow the commandments in Exodus and Leviticus.  I’m sure you don’t follow JC’s command that to get into heaven, you should give up all of your things and follow him as a preacher.   

I’m sorry you can’t control yourself.  I can with no problem (no murders, no kicking puppies, no gorging on candy, etc) and don’t need some magical stick and carrot to tell me what to do.  Your god supposedly said that in him all things are possible, so why can’t it help you?  I’m guessing you claim “free will”, but that fails when one considers that your god supposedly has interfered repeatedly in human history and if one believes the claims of miracles bandied about nowadays, he still is.  I’m wondering, who do you think make such “weak humans”?  Who decided to supposedly leave ignorant humans in a garden and not notice this “snake” that if it were omniscient, would know what would happen with the “snake”?   Then make it necessary, to clean up its own mess, to kill itself for itself in a bloody murder to give you an excuse why you don’t have to even try to obey its laws. Quite a “god” you have there.
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