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And Joseph Smith was an entirely different situation than Exodus. I look forward to an explanation of how they’re the same.
Oh, both being stories with no evidence to support them. Just like yours, SC.
You’re trying to equate an event that a few people were part of, most people only heard about through a limited source, and does not define us as a nation to an event that thousands of people were part of, had many sources of information and defined them as a people, a religion and as a nation. Please explain. Also, please take into account the Jewish concept of truth and covenant in your explanation.
  Hmmm, your bible claims that there were hundreds of thousands of people involved in events and golly, no evidence to support those events at all.  I’m fascinated by your claims that the jews has some special definition of “truth” and “covenant”.  What are they? And where are these “many sources of information” you claim that the Israelites/Jews had?   
Your belief that only ancient hebrews tell the truth and Islam,and other religions are false is laughable
I understand what you’re saying. To an atheist the idea that any of them are the truth is laughable. Since none of them are true it’s only hubris for a person to say that any one of them is true.
I don’t see that SC understands 12 Monkeys’ point at all.  To a theist who doesn’t believe in the stories of other theists, the idea that any of them are true is laughable.  It does indeed take hubris and lies to claim that one of them is true with no evidence.
If I want my kids to really learn something, then I’ll let them try it their way, figure out the problems with it and then talk them through a better way.
Funny how your bible doesn’t have your god doing this much at all. The only times he lets people figure out things on their own, he comes back and harms them for daring to do such a thing (see: Noah (doing without god is wrong, kill you all!), Babel(looking for god in that way is wrong; make you speak different languages), Jesus(being a jew and believing the prophecies as they are is wrong, you’re all damned!)
If you are not all powerful, all seeing or all knowing, then how are you at all qualified to judge someone who is?
evidence that it exists at all please.  and considering the stories told of your god in the bible, it is not all-powerful, all-seeing or all-knowing. 
Are you talking about Jesus? I thought you understood Catholic teaching. Please at least argue against an accurate representation of the Catholic teaching.
  Let’s see, the real Catholic version about what happened in the supposed cruxifiction: the son of a god was tortured and murdered so that this would pay for the sins that this god has declared we all do since this god has decided that everyone is responsible for the “original sin” (oh, except Mary of course, she was made without sin. Funny how this can’t be done for everyone).  If this god had simply wanted to, no one would have had sin and no one would need a violent messy sacrifice to pay for this sin. 

And I find it’s hysterical that SC must use the “but it was a different world so we can’t understand it as it was”.  Really does a number on his claims of how all-powerful, all-knowing etc, his god is.  This argument makes his god dependent on humans, and this god cannot advance beyond them ever.

and golly, the magic decoder ring is out again and suddenly Job is only metaphor.  I guess that the resurrection of JC is only metaphor too.  But say that the story in Job is only a story, not a real event; this god is still portrayed as making a bet with his supposed greatest enemy and allows innocent people to be murdered in the process.  This god then admits that it was wrong an tries to make up for it by paying blood money and giving Job a “new” family.  Still not a great image of this god, so needing of respect (what else?) from its enemy, not caring about people being killed, and then trying to cover it up with gifts.  It also has that this god is a moron since, if it already is omniscient, it doesn’t need to test people.  This testing is only sadism.  Your moronic god should know that Job is and will be faithful and souldn’t have to show off.  But we know it loves to show off, from the story in Exodus.

You’ll see that large libraries have been found dating back long before 1200 BC.
And not one by the Israelites and not one containing any contemporary information about the supposed events in the bible.  The Egytptians have no record of your Israelites, SC, so there’s no Moses to write anything. As my thread on information management there is nothing that shows the Israelites did anything like other civilizations at all.
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