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BTW, a reminder that SC has told me he refuses to acknowledge any in my posts. So if someone wants to see something I’ve mentioned addressed by SC, you’ll have to mention it yourself.  I am enjoying watching everyone bring up the hard questions, and adding to them myself so we can watch SC do his usual thing.
Very thought provoking questions. Some think that God uses “faulty” means for communicating with us, but He’s really using appropriate means.
again with the magic decoder ring.  Since SC can claim that *he* understands it, he must know the magic “appropriate means”.  Poor SC, the problem is that Christians kill each other and other people over who has the “right” interretation so your excuse would mean that your god wants people killed out of confusion.  What a good god! 

And we see that in the Bible. People have problems with the Bible because they make broad generalizations based on a narrow reading of certain parts of the Bible. If instead, they were to look at the whole Bible they would better see the movements of salvation history that culminate with Jesus Christ.
Oh golly and now we get the usual lies about how “everyone” but SC is misreading the bible and not doing it “properly”. Of course, SC can’t show his version is any more correct than the rest. 

Oh and we even get SC’s claim that the Jews were misunderstanding god, they only had a “pagan” understanding of what this god “really” was.  Hilarious.  Poor God, just can’t make anyone truly understand him.  SC also seems to think that no one but him has read the bible “as a whole” and that if one did, everyone would agree with him.  Alas, I have read the bible as a whole and disagree.  I guess that prayer to god for his claims to be supported failed too.  Oh and the claim that “god is love” when this god fails the definition of love offered in its magic book.  I do like that a lot.  Oh and the claims that god respects our free will, when that’s not supported in any way by the claims about god in the bible or by “church fathers”.  But as always SC will ignore that.   
Do you disagree that rape is a crime of violence?
Why yes it is and your god is all about letting it happen to women and makes laws that women who are raped have to marry their their violent attackers.  Again, what a good god! 

It’s always amusing to see SC sure that his version of Catholicism is the only real one. We have the claim that the Genesis story is “really” about Jesus but that again is simply retconning the story to excuse the problems in the OT and NT.  The snake story is nothing more than a ‘just-so’ story about snakes and mankind.  There needs to be no other interpretation, and its always amusing to watch Christians disagree on whether it was a real snake or if it was Satan. In any case, it shows a god that either intentionally let its creations be deceived so it could make up this little shadow play, needing to give forgiveness for something it intentionally allowed to happen (rather like a firefighter who is an arsonist so they get lots of praise), or a moronic god that couldn’t keep out supposed “pure evil” from its magical garden.  I even like this better when Revelation points out that JC supposedly gets to rule over a planet of good people since all the evil people were killed but then his daddy simply “must” allow pure evil out again to corrupt more people.  Seems that for an omnipotent, omniscient god, this god sure can’t do much for itself or for the people that it supposed “loves”. 

Oh then SC has to lcaim that there is no problem between the two different origina stories in Genesis.  I do love how he then claims that his version of Christianity is the only right one and of course has no evidence to support that.  Nope, we’re just supposed to look at his posts in awe and nod our heads. Golly, SC you’re right!  Oh and SC, science does not claim that the BB was an “explosion of light”.  Nice lie there.

As usual no evidence for his claims. No dates, no archaeology, nothing.
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