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My my. I do believe I have hit a nerve.
  Nice.  Avoid answering questions, lie, etc, but do try to convince yourself that you've done something.  Keep going, Lorax. I enjoy watching you do all of those things.  Especially since I know you are a troll.   
Believe what you will and so shall I. I say you've made no argument and you provide a wall of text, but still no argument to be found. Lots of accusation, no argument.
oh my, a unilateral claim and of course no evidence to support it. So impressive! &)
I hear you saying I have no evidence. That's handy since I've made no claims. I asked you questions, You've dodged them.
  You have made claims, Lorax.  Let’s see:
I've not yet heard any arguments against Christianity. only arguments against arguments for Christianity. and of those arguments for Christianity, few seem to have been forwarded by Christians to begin with.
With no evidence to support this.  And if I have dodged anything please show where. I would be happy to clarify anything you might consider a dodge. 
I've pointed out places where your argument leaks. you've gotten angry
Ah, no.  You’ve assumed I’ve gotten angry and assumed that in error.  And you have yet to show me where my argument “leaks”.
But I haven't actually said anything of substance about the real world.
I can certainly agree with that.  Freudian slip? 
You asked me my own beliefs "to understand where I'm coming from" that's obviously not true considering the way you've used that response to derail us completely. But I told you. Now you are asking me to prove it?
I’ve seen you claim that you were a Norse pagan and where you have seemed to affirm that assumpetions that you are a Christain are correct.  Which is it, Lorax?  You make more claims that I have somehow “derailed” the discussion, and of course have backed that up with nothing.  I am indeed asking that you state the truth.  Your evident reluctance is curious.  And answer your questions?  I have.  If I have missed one, please point it out. I’d be more than happy to address anything you think I have missed. 

I’m still waiting for you to psychoanalyze me, Lorax, since you seem to think you can.  You have claimed that I must be unaware that I act in some certain way. What is this certain way?  I have told you that I am not angry, that I have not dodged, etc.  The ball is in your court. 
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