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It seems like everyone assumes that.
Assumes what?  That you are Asatru because you claim to be a Norse pagan or that you are a Christian?  If it is the second, you might want to consider why that is.  I’m guessing it’s because it’s the truth, but I could be wrong.
Mostly I'm here to blow off steam and have fun arguing with people on the internet, so since I have been in arguments with athiests, people assume I'm trying to convert them. Touchy lot, you. I don't particularly mind that miscategorization for the most part, it seems like they deserve the help.
So, you simply want to be a troll?  Hmm.  I don't recall thinking that you were trying to convert me or stating this.  But I am getting more and more certain that you are a Christian but don’t want to be responsible for your claims.   The deception that so many theists seem to need amuses me.
Which observations are those? I've not yet heard any arguments against Christianity. only arguments against arguments for Christianity. and of those arguments for Christianity, few seem to have been forwarded by Christians to begin with.
Which observations?  Mine, lorax. They are the observations that you make baseless claims and your logic fails.  You’ve tried so hard to declare that the OP of this thread wasn’t an good argument on why Christianity is a flawed religion, and to do that, you’ve simply ignored what you didn’t want to see.  Then, like clockwork, rather than support your claims with evidence, you’ve decided to claim that you were “really” here only to “blow off steam and have fun arguing” with people.  That’s pretty typical, for a Christian who has found himself cornered by reality, they suddenly claim that they weren’t really interested in the discussion.  It seems that you have quite the blinders on if you are trying to claim that there are no arguments against Christianity here.  And it seems that we have a OneTrueChristian here, with your attempts at trying to claim that "few" Christians have been forwarding arguments here. 
I'll offer an observation though. "methinks thou dost protest too much"
it seems important to you to declare victory early and often. This conversation started when you were declaring victory over something which i'm now rather confident did not merit such declaration, and now hear you are learning the situation was entirely different then you thought, and yet here you are declaring victory again. I'm interested in hearing why that is. The stereotype of that behavior is insecurity, but I don't think that applies.
offer all the claims you want, lorax.  The problem for you is that only evidence matters.  You've not supported your claims and indeed, it seems that many of your claims are offered with an intent to deceive.  You keep making baseless claims about me.  And in the same paragraph where you claim that I somehow need to declare victory "early and often", you do exactly that and of course don't back up your "confidence" with anything.  Again, there is nothing to rebut my observations, only you avoiding the issue, which does a nice job of giving me more reason to think my observations are indeed correct.  You have claimed that you are a Norse pagan rather than a Christian but your posts make me question that with your assumptions that people think you are out to convert them.  In that we’ve seen no words from you trying to convert anyone to the truth of Odin’s sacrifice and Valhalla, I’m not sure why you would say this.   You have made arguments that appear to attempt to defend Christianity.  You do not address my arguments that the Norse gods are no more real than the Christian one.  If you are indeed a pagan, give me evidence that your religion is the true one. 
Is it maybe an evangelical technique on your part? Attempting to crush theist spirits as a means to emotionally dismantle their faith?
Quite the drama here. Crush their spirits?  No, I’m asking for evidence, lorax.  Your logic fails and you provide no evidence for your claims despite my requests.  I’m sorry if you think this is to crush your spirit, but it isn’t.  It is to further a discussion.  You seem to need to create a situation that you can claim martyrdom in, which also makes me think that you are a Christian trying to be a clever sheep. 
Or is there maybe something deeper to it.Are you even aware yourself that you behave this way?
Behave in what way, lorax?  Please do psychoanalyze me. This should be fun.   
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