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However, I read the section on Intelligent Design and immediately note that you have basically said, the human body doesn’t work “perfectly” therefore it evolved.   You missed the point completely that the very existence of living things, ie they work well enough to live and procreate, proves the existance of God.   The flaws in the systems are so minor that they are negligible compared to the parts of the systems that do work.
so you're god can't make things better?  not much of a god is it? 
Anyway, if you are interested in pointing out the flaws in my logic, please respond.
see above.
By the way you might want to answer the question: Do I want there to be a creator and if not, why not?

Ah, I'm seeing the usual theist attempt to accuse the atheist of wanting no god since that would put a damper on the babt-eating. 

However, if there was a god that was worth following, sure I'm down with that god.  I enjoy playing clerics in D&D where gods are useful beings taht actually do things.  With the lack of evidence for your god, it doesn't seem that it exists at all, much less does anything worthwhile.     

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