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You know, i've managed to look at some of the really lengthy stuff people have written in response to things I've said, and there really is a lot of opinion to what is said by atheists and other nontheist people. I really can't respond to the opinion part of the discussion because it's personal to the person writing.  God's not imaginary to me. He's imaginary to you. I have the proof i need.
  I do like how theists like you automatically go to claims of “slander” when someone tells you that you are wrong and dares to have evidence to support that.  It’s not slander, and you should actually look up the meaning of accusations you wish to use *and* support them. 

No, Helen, he’s imaginary to everyone.  You have no proof or evidence of this god of yours.  All theists claim that they have this but what they have is no different than the next.  I can feel pretty safe in making the following guesses about your and your life:
You grew up in a Christian environment of some degree, especially if you grew up in the US.
You were told by people you trusted for good reason, that this god existed.
You have decided that any little coincidence or parlor trick is “evidence” that your god exists. 
You “feel” something when you believe that makes you feel good.

You appear to be just like other theists, especially Christians, and have created your own version of this god so you can feel good about it rather than paying attention to the vileness of this god as presented in the supposed holy book of this religion. 

All theists, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Zoroasterian, etc, do the same thing, Helen.  They all claim their religion is the only ‘true’ one.  Does this make their gods just as “real” as yours?  Now, for your claim that your god is real, I need evidence to accept that.  And as I have come to expect, theists have none. I was once a Christain and prayed and prayed when I was losing my faith to this god to keep it.  Why no response to me, Helen?  Why does god do nothing anyone can actually point to? 

You can’t even answer honestly asked questions.  Why hasn’t your god done anything, Helen? Why do you cling to some “hope” that it will?  I understand that hope, having been a Christian myself, but it comes to naught and all of that time and energy you use to pray and to worship are wasted.  I know it has to make you feel better when your life is rough as it seems to be right now. Honestly, I’m terrified to think about when I’ll likely have to deal with some of the things you are dealing with. But unfortunately, reality doesn’t care about feelings.   

No matter what anyone says to me here or anywhere else, the experiences i've had can't be erased or removed from my being simply because someone else has an opposing opinion or experience or viewpoint or whatever. I realize now that you think you're freeing me from something.  Without any sarcasm: i've been where you are and it's better here.
Perhaps it’s without sarcasm but it isn’t without arrogance and willful ignorance.  I’ve been where you’ve been too, Helen and it isn’t any better there at all.  Prayers don’t work, you spend all of your time excusing your god for not doing anything.  It all becomes a game of you self-editing your prayers so you can cling to your belief.  You tell yourself that God “knows best” so *that’s* why he doesn’t answer your prayers.  You desperately look for any “sign” to validate your belief.  You tell yourself that you aren’t doing “enough” for this god and scrabble to find any purchase you can find.

Your experiences don’t need to be erased or removed but they do need to be looked at with some thought other than the presupposition that some god exists.  Your beliefs are nothing unusual and they are nothing special.  Many of us have had them at one point.  I know it feels “better” that you think that there is some thing that loves you and only you, some all-powerful deity that will take care of you and make all of the suffering “worth” something.  It’s a heady draught and I really miss that feeling.  However, wishing makes nothing true and suffering is nothing but that, suffering.  A omnipotent, supposedly “all-loving” god that would “use” such a thing to teach someone something is sadistic, especially when a theist says that it’s good to have others suffer by this god’s “will” for them so *they* can learn.  That’s vicious and sick.  I’d rather go to the classic “hell” rather than have anyone be harmed “for” me.  You seem to think it’s good for people to be harmed when you say it was “good” for your mother to lose her mind.  I find this vile, to be so happy that someone was harmed so she could be “loved” by you.  She couldn’t’ be loved by you otherwise? 

Also, I’m not sure where you ignorantly attacked evolutionary theory, but I will give you some advice.  You need to know what you are attacking, not regurgitating what you’ve been told by someone else.  You seem to know nothing about the actual facts about the science behind evolutionary theory.  There are huge amounts of evidence and research that support evolutionary theory, evidence you seem to be willfully ignorant of.  That science is responsible for the antibiotics you take, Helen, and the food you eat, etc.  You hypocritically attack science when it shows your myths are wrong but you have no problem with it when it benefits you. 

You are welcome to post here as you will but do not think your claims will not be questioned.  You will be expected to support your claims.  Ignorance can be helped and no one wants you to be a liar, either inadvertently or intentionally.  If you can’t handle that, then you should realize that your time on the forum will be limited by your own actions.  You will find no validation of your beliefs here and we certainly aren’t here to be willing punching bags for an unhappy theist.  Take a moment to learn and understand our positions and we can be very supportive community for a lot of real problems. You seem to need that.     
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