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Your claims are the same as all theists.  You are sure that your version is right but withno evidence.  You make baseless claims and have nothing to support them. And you tell outright lies, whether out of ignorance or spite I have no idea. 

No, the bible is not a record of real events as you have tried to claim.  None one essential event in the bible can be shown to have happened. No genesis, no exodus, no Sodom or Gomorrah, no magical birth or resurrection. It’s all as mythical as any other religion’s claims. 

People do believe in gods but not your personal version.  They all have their own, and they all contradict each other.  Each “god” tells his followers to hate the followers of another “god”.   You claim that your god “revealed” itself to you and that’s what everyone else says. How can we tell who is telling the truth? 

Claiming that the bible is credible evidence for the events in it is just like saying that since the Iliad mentions Athena and Poseidon as being real that means that they are as real as your supposed god.  Do you agree? Are Athena and Poseidon as real as Jesus Christ and the Christian God?  If you don’t, then you’ve just shot your argument dead.  This supposed savoir of your is claimed to have had thousands of people following him just outside of Jerusalem, right around the same number of a Roman legion.  And you want to pretend that the occupying force in a fractious country wouldn’t have noticed. &)  You want to ignore your own bible’s claims that there were dead walking in the streets, the sun going dark and an earth quake strong enough to rip a curtain in half, and no one notice.  Do you realize how stupid of an excuse that is?  There is no evidence of any trial or anyone being cruxifed with thieves (your bible can’t even agree on what those thieves did), or anyone being “resurrected” and coming back to do, per your bible, so many magical events that there would not be enough books on the earth to record them all.  You depend on hoping others are as ignorant about your bible as you obviously are.   

Then you claim that you “know” that your god allows bad things to happen for a reason.  But of course you can’t actually tell us what that is.  And you intentionally use the lie that yoru god only “allows” such horrible things.  As I said, and as I can demonstrate, he approves of them and encourages them. You worship a god that does horrible things.  The golden rule, to treat others as you would like ot be treated, isn’t from your religion. It’s been around far longer than that and people have been decent and humane for far longer than your little religion and indeed in spite of it.  Your god doesn’t even live up to that.  Your god fails at even living up to the definition of love in the bible.  Your god is simply “might equals right” a primitive and ignorant notion. 

You try to claim free will but again show how ignorant you are of your own bible, and that you’ve created your own religion.  There is no free will in your bible.  Your bible has your god interfering constantly which means no free will.  It would be nice if some Christian would actually know their bible and not try to lie to former Christians who do.

The willful ignorance and arrogance that so many Christians evince is sad. The impotence they confer on their god is funny though. Poor god, can’t stop satan, can’t eradicate anything in anyone mind’s but oh can force people to obey him when they don’t want to (see the Pharoah), etc.  The ignorance of your own religion makes you funny, TS2 but nothing special. Such a pathetic and dangerous fatalism you have.  it’s not your god that does anything, it’s only hard and dirty work by humans.

now, go live on an island somewhere with no computer, no modern medicine and no modern foods if you are so pious.  Since you’re not, keep on truckin’ hypocrite.
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