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It makes me very sad when family and friends don't rally round to help someone with their life problems. It even makes one wonder if they really are friends.  Yet, really, June is it actually another being (god) that helped you or was it your own will to conquer your disease and recover?

See, the thing is that the whole world - and we the latecomers to the party - is based on things eating other things. So whether it is fungus, the only thing that can break down wood, to viruses that kill us, it is all part of the way the natural world works. There's vast numbers of connections between animals and plants that eat each other and it is how the world is. Each species has survived because it lives long enough to breed and create a new generation, even if that means that later life is cut shor by things like cancers and other diseases. This being the case, where is god in all this?
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