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God is a remarkably simple entity. As a non-physical entity, a mind is not composed of parts, and its salient properties, like self-consciousness, rationality, and volition, are essential to it. In contrast to the contingent and variegated universe with all its inexplicable quantities and constants, a divine mind is startlingly simple. Certainly such a mind may have complex ideas—it may be thinking, for example, of the infinitesimal calculus—, but the mind itself is a remarkably simple entity

Well, well, someone know what god is like! I imagine that the writer here hasn't actually seen god or had a cosy chat so I imagine this is just a few handy thought up words to make things look good. We have no idea what god is like in the physical / non-physical sense. However, we can made some tries at working it out.

1. the only designers we know are material beings
2. God is said to be a designer
2. He must be a material being.

Then there's the simple bit.

William Dembski: Law of Conservation of Information
The Law of Conservation of Information was created by William Dembski and involves some very detailed and complex mathematical equations. At its most basic, Dembski's law states that nature cannot create new information (as in information contained in DNA); it can only work with the information it already has. Therefore, a more complex species -- one that contains more information -- could not have evolved from a less complex species[1]
 1. http://actionbioscience.org/evolution/nhmag.html

Now it would be easy to think of  away out but, if Demski is right, then a god must be more complex than the things he designs. Yes, we know he is material so this applies though it may well apply in some spirit world if there is one. The only problem then is, of course, because you have been waiting for it, god cannot have come together by chance, by any laws we know of so he must have been designed. So, really  we are looking for the designer's designer only its a slippery slope. There will have to be more and more designers going back and back and back.the only way to break the chain is to break Demski's rules and if that can be done for a god it will surely work for nature too.

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