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I  don't know, guys! Think about it - Skeptic seems to think that his god is in all the physical processes in the universe.  Let's go with that for a moment. There is a Christian doctrine that god existence ensures that the universe stays in existence - yep, god 'sustains' the universe. Skeptic also says that god works through the natural processes so that, for example, he caused a limb to regrow, we would be able to observe the limb growing. I presume this means that Skeptic does not support that idea that what you and I might call a miracle doesn't happen - i.e. man goes to bed with one leg and wakes up with two legs a few hours later.

The problem  here is that Skeptic has defined his god in such a way tht god can only work through physical processes so that dead people, for who brain cells have died, could physically not be able to be raised from the dead. This has a tiny problem for Christian doctrine but let's allow Skeptic to spot it. However, we can now, more or less, define god from what Skeptic said.

God is the energy in the universe
Now we know from Einstein that energy and matter are equivalent so, roughly speaking, Skeptic has shown us his god - the sum total of all the energy and mass in the universe. OK, to test those of you who have watched Lawrence Krauss's film 'A Universe from nothing' what is the sum totla of all the mass and energy in the universe?

Yes -

It is ZERO

Skeptic's god does  not exist.

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