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Just a thought to add the, The Gawd.

The analogy of the bad doctors / salesmen / christians got me wondering. If I meet 1,000 Christians who re unable to give me any logical reason why I should believe in their invisible god, I can easily agree that 1,000 isn't a good sample and there may well be, out there, plenty of Christians who can do this. If I get to 2,000 and none still cannot manage to explain why I should join them in any logical way, I suppose I tend to agree with Cynicalviking that I might juts not have found the right Christian. Where I part company is that, having been a member of atheist forums for a long time, and talked to a lot of Christians as well as real, live Christians, I have not come across any who can do this so I am starting to think that it cannot be done. Indeed, I am starting to think that the reasons Christians believe is quite illogical.

I mention in my post above to Patrick that prayer can be the result of the sub-conscious and the conscious brains talking to each other and if it was the case the person praying would not be able to tell the difference. In that case, people might become and stay Christians (or any religion maybe) on the basis of hearing god tell them things when, in fact, it is things bubbling into consciousness from the sub-conscious part of the brain. in which case, my thought that there are no logical ways to believe in the Christian god may well be right.

Until the day comes when a Christian comes of with a logical reason to accept that there is a god, though, I will remain a non-believer. Come to think, I'd also like to know why this so-called god stays so quiet that he is completely untraceable.
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