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Just to join in a bit late to the party....


1. I used to be Christian just like many others here 31 years ago, as a Christian, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and have been a permanent wheelchair user since. I have legs but they don't do anything much. was I now believing enough when I was diagnosed for god to heal me? The congregation at my church also prayed for me but this god didn't do anything.Oddly, the neurologist who was treating me was a serious Christian but he couldn't get god's power going.

Now I realise that, being in the UK, god might not accept the NHS for payment. After all, the country is markedly less religious than the USA. Sunrise Mobility, who make wheelchairs, has been infinitely more helpful than any deity in keeping me going.

now I am no longer a theist after spending 4 years studying the bible and theology at university so now I realise that the reason I was not healed was simple - there's no god to do the healing! now if you know better, Iknowgod, then show us the evidence that makes you think there is a god.

2. Origins and Evolution requires a bit of work on your part to understand the science and to see why these things make sense. I'd recommend you watch this

and then go to this site which explains evolution in a simple and quick way.

Finally, remember this, even if you could disprove the science of origins, the cosmology, abiogensis and evolution, you would still only be half-way to your ideas. You still would need to show that a god exists and that it was responsible for the creation of the universe and life on this planet. Our current theories might be wrong but that doesn't, automatically, make the bible true.
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