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Well, Paul wrote that people would not be off to heaven in their physical bodies but would have new spirit bodies instead. One would wonder what age a person would be on entering heaven but that would not be very helpful in a place where, we are told, there is no time (eternity). In such a place one could not age by definition.

Of course, this is mere speculation  by Paul who, obviously, did not know what would happen after people died any more than we do. he used what he heard about Jesus' teaching and extrapolated but extrapolation doesn't mean what is derived is real. I think Paul is using his hope to make people feel better, and coincidentally keep them in his churches and paying. Until we have some evidence to go on, however, we have to view any ideas of a heaven as the result of hope and longing and not as any actual reality.

Oddly, the people who believe in the Rapture seem to think they will be taken up into heaven as physical bodies though I am not clear if they take their clothes as well. However, daft as the idea is, it also lacks significant support in the bible so looks like another product of hope over reason.
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