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To get back to the point of this thread, it seems that June
  • Doesn't approve of the bible and thinks it inaccurate ect
  • Does think that Jesus and god exist despite the bible not being accurate

Now it seems to me that, if the bible wasn't there, no one would know about the ideas within it. People might believe they have been in contact with a 'higher power' which they call god but such 'contact' fails to identify the being contacted so people name the being on the basis of other things - like the holy book they read.

So, if the bible did not exist, June would not ever have heard of Jesus and his god and would, instead, be telling of her belief in what ever other holy book she happened to have. So my point is, like others further up, that her belief in Jesus and god is dependant on the fact that she believes what is written in the biblical text since, without that text she would have nothing on which to base a faith.

So, June, can you explain how you can dismiss the bible so successfully in one breath whilst accepting apart of if with another breath? You cannot have it both ways - there is an either or situation -

  • Either the bible is true and belief can be based on its texts as June does
  • Or the bible is evil and dreadful and belief cannot be based on its text

Sorry, June, but you have to choose one - you can't have them both.
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