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Quite right, Seppuke. The real problems with religion is when is gets in the way of nonbelievers - something it has no need to do but somehow manages anyway.

For example, if a religion has rules about gay people, abortions, family planning - then fine, I'm sure the members of that religion will follow the teaching, What is wrong is for them to try and get their religious rules incorporated into the law the nonreligious have to keep.It is entirely the affair of the nonreligious whether they want these things or not. No religion should force its teachings on those who do not accept that religion.

Secondly, I, personally, object to the money religion gets from the state, In the UK where I live, religions are charities by definition and pay no tax. Then they are allowed to claim back the income tax paid by those who support them as well. This amounts to a lot of tax not paid. Then religions run schools, in some cases they have admitted the main reason is to try and indoctrinate the children who come to the schools. Yet a government 20 years ago stopped making the religions pay something towards running the schools so they get exceptions from  various laws  allow them to choose staff and ignore all the rules of fair treatment in employment.

That's what I really object to with religions.
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