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Good point, Median! We have decades of research into evolution with fossil evidence as well as DNA and other things. We have various dating techniques to date the fossils we find and everything fits together with the Theory of Evolution. Creationist 'researchers' merely come along and look for anything they can find, no matter how insignificant and claim  hole in the theory yet that's not research at all.

Disproving Evolution would be a quite simple task - just find some fossils in the wrong order in the rocks and the whole theory comes crashing down. Of course, that would take vast amounts of work with low chance of success so picking at little holes in the theory is much easier.

While we are at it, since science has calculated the age of the earth using the tools we have to some 4 billion years old, how come no YEC 'researcher' hasn't come up with evidence that the earth is actually, what, 6,000 years old? Of course, the whole YEC thing is a bit daft as the bible isn't a continuous datable text as some claim and there is clearly not attempt by the writers to include all the generation that existed. After all, how did the earth repopulated after the flood - in 16 generations, and where did the Egyptians come from? It all points to much longer periods that are not documented.
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