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....the rational
.......and the irrational.

I really mean this.
It is not a joke, but an observation of this species.

When two rational people meet, they may swiftly recognise a brother or sister.

When two irrational people meet they can only ever be, at best, close strangers, even when they seem to agree, as each lives at the behest of their particular irrationalities, and each irrationality must, by definition, be wholly individual and subjective.

When two rational people meet, no matter what diverse culture or genetic inheritance shapes their world view, they can effectively communicate.
They can discuss anything. They can create consensus, make agreements, describe their separate realities until a shared perspective can be reached.

Irrationality on the other hand condemns the irrational to relentless alienation and separation from observable reality and the closest they come to consensus is when they ally themselves with other irrationals who profess to follow the same irrationality.
Observation appears to indicate that even this mob mentality is more of the flock swept away en-masse by the river than of the flock working in harness.
No two religious beliefs are the same even within the same church.

Why? Because the whole structure is built on irrationality. (I am using religious belief as only one example of the glory of the irrational life.)

I am a racist.

I do not allow consistently irrational people into my life at all.

One banal truism I live by.

Problematic people are problematic.

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