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The perennial discussions re: the purpose and style of this forum have, in my experience, caused more long term, valued members to officially[1] leave this site than any other topic.

That's not to say the topic is unworthy, just that it is problematic.

Each and every individual will bring individual position and preference.
Any discussions that point however vaguely at regulating input, for whatever good intent, in essence inevitably mean, in real terms, that limitations needs be written in as laws.

So sure enough some will find their interaction with the forum further limited by new strategies and rules.

This is hardly an expansive process. It is not even a process that maintains the status quo, it is a process that further defines the ever narrowing field of what is deemed acceptable behaviour.

That curmudgeon part of me just thinks fuck that PC banality, and the sad civilised monkey fears that require such safety and regulated blancmange.

Robust vigour doesn't come from group think, it comes from recognising that tooth and claw have every bit as much legitimacy in this red raw world as conciliation and niceness.
Just the same, thoughtful dialogue and people sharing insights experiences and information, is wonderful stuff, and the more of it the better. I just respectfully suggest that those who feel so strongly enamoured with that style of discourse should do more of it if they want more of it.

Lead by example, ....................but leave the rest of it alone.

The site is called wwgha for god's sake, it was never meant to be a non-confrontational temple of nice.

It's not as if the shelter doesn't already exist for the fragile, and it's not as if this site is not self regulating enough already.

penfold, I hope you recognise that this is not aimed at you personally in any way whatsoever.

 1. as opposed to just drifting off
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