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I know you take this lightly because you've convinced yourself that there is no God
Let's just pretend there is a god, who created everything

or no such thing as hell.
So your god created hell. .......lovely

Your mind has become a slave to demonic lies and you have convinced yourself that they are true.
So your god created demons. .......lovely

The reality of the situation is that there is a narrow way to Heaven and few find it and a broad way to hell and many go in it.
So your god creates people to fail. Your god creates a narrow way and a broad way, and then acts upset that people are herded down the broad way.

You have no idea what your in for if you reject the gospel and do not repent.
So your god created revenge.  .....Lovely

You do not know it's the ONLY way and without Christ in your life as your Lord and Savior and you hearing His voice daily obeying him... without repenting of you sins and turning to God's grace you will perish and nothing could prepare you for separation from God because while you are still yet alive you still experience rain, and life, and food, and many blessings from God. Anything good in your life comes from God and if you reject God then when you die you will be separated and there will be no more water no more life, nor more good things only the painful fire of God withdrawing his presence.
So your god, being all powerful, all knowing, omniscient, omnipotent and >snark< all loving, created me knowing full well that I will fail his pathetic small dick, personality cult, ego gratification test, and so, by your god's very act of creating me, I'm to be automatically assigned to the "to be punished forever" category.  .....Lovely

Your jealous, angry and imaginary god displays not one attribute worthy of worship, and you are just an indoctrinated sheep.
The lord is your shepherd, not mine.
And if you cannot abide by the rules of this forum, and stop preaching  ......fuck off.

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