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The reddish barren spots, thousands of them, are called fairy circles, the name itself an invitation to try to solve the mystery of their origins. They dot a narrow belt of desert stretching from Angola through Namibia into northern South Africa. For no obvious reason, the round patches of sandy soil interrupt the arid grassland, like a spreading blight on the land.
To the Himba people who live in the region, however, there is nothing to explain. That’s just how it is, they tell anthropologists; the circles were made by their “original ancestor, Mukuru,” or more poetically, they are “footprints of the gods.”

But "the gods" seem to be reduced to the size of ants

New research may now have yielded a more credible explanation for the fairy circles as examples of natural ecosystem engineering by a particular species of sand termites, Psammotermes allocerus.

Those ignorant and superstitious peoples who promote ignorant superstitions as a legitimate world view cannot be blamed for their stupidity as they have no tools with which to rationally adjust their beliefs.
Those educated peoples who promote ignorant superstitions as a legitimate world view are self indulgent anti-rational sub humans who chose the act of lying to oneself in the face of contradictory evidence to avoid the loss of an arbitrary world view they have "chosen" to believe in.
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