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Hello Inquirer of Weird Logic:
G'day boil.

Your premise is "why doesn't God heal amputees" as an inquiry, to base your entire cult on?
That's your first sentence?
So that piece of indecipherable meaninglessness is your considered first logical engagement with us. Fucking impressive!
So here's the key question, did that infected ingrown hair you call a brain really think your first sentence made sense?
The reason I ask, is because if you actually did think you were making sense, then you really are the "when brains go bad" tragic victim that you present as.
And if you didn't think it made sense, but still felt obliged to post it then you are just a garden variety fuckwit worthy only of the snark and guffaw that your pus-filled rant promotes.

Why are you leading a cult of skeptics, based on the foundation of "healing" and "lack of healing" for your very strange teaching?
And your second sentence  ....just like the first? Does it scan?
Come on carbuncle, can't you at least try and understand that the intention of communication is to communicate?
Unless of course you just wanted to expose your sadly obvious limitations, and your over indulged emotions.
It must be annoying to feel so frustrated by life all the time, knowing that you feel sooooooooooo angry, but not quite sure about anything else, and certainly incapable of expressing yourself in any intelligible manner.
Yes dandruff, when I can hear your childish tantrum's teeth grinding, all the way over here, I almost feel sorry for you, .......but I don't.
It must be painful to recognise that the closest you'll ever come to reaching your aspirations is when you reach for your ass.
Of course grabbing your ass is a prerequisite to being able to pull your head out I guess.
And if every clown has a silver lining, and if the better part of you has rubbed off, at least you'll be able to kill werewolves with that bullet head of yours.

Because werewolves need killing. Why the fuck else ring worm?

Also, you realize that in the purest logical argument,
Purest logical argument? from you, you ambulatory blepharitis...  ......>snark<  >guffaw<. 
Four sentences in and the only one you have managed to construct as a reasonable facsimile of standard english grammar and syntax, is the your gloriously whining one word wonder   ....Why?
I can just see you dermatitis, down in the dust kicking your boots and banging your fists, totally committed to your tantrum, secretly hating the self-knowledge that it's the closest you'll ever get to an intellectual discussion ...as much as you'd like to think >snark< otherwise.

you've provided to all the people who are foolish enough to even entertain your sad, pathetic teachings -- that you've invented some form of misleading never seen before

...some form of misleading?   Yeah I got some of that somewhere, it's over by the outhouse with the last pile of scrofulous christian bile left here by the last mouthbreathing angry christian.

(yes, it's original, to the point of completely ridiculous, not innovative in thought, and especially where LOGIC is concerned).
Let's apply your capitalised LOGIC to you diaper rash and your hardly original bible.
The LOG  you need to pull from your I  is you accusing us of failing to use logic while defending a less than innovative completely ridiculous position. C?
Somehow I don't expect you to be capable of understanding my point, so I'll just give you a good excuse you can use to explain your limitations.

God made you that way.

Don't get me wrong psoriasis, I don't mean god reached down and touched you when you were a child (he leaves that up to his minions), no, I mean if adam and eve were the only two humans we all came from ......INCEST
You have every right to explain that you are inbred.
Of course god doesn't mind incest, Lot and his daughters anyone?
And as if you weren't inbred enough, after the flood   ................more INCEST
No wonder you are so angry.

I find it extremely ironic that your false dichotomy is blasted over and over again, with your crowd of foolish listeners actually paying attention. The logic is so flawed, and the irony is that you try to use logic to prove your argument.
All mouth, no fucking teeth. Gums flapping like a wet fish dance, but not the slightest biting specific rebut.
Those congenital defects really sap you don't they?

Instead, you end up arguing in cirlces over and over again, and you never answer any questions. You pose questions, and you answer them yourself.
my bold.
You gloriously entertaining cretinous imp etigo.

You ask foolish questions and then provide irrational stories to support your OWN THOUGHT and subjective opinions on the matter.
At least we can ask questions. You've just perfected the foolish part.
I know that hunchback of yours isn't from inbreeding, I'm not blaming your incestuous antecedents, but you must've known that continually bending over far enough to insert your head up your own fundamentalism as an intellectual appraisal of the universe (and your tiny part in it) would have serious long term consequences.
You should also recognise that your god-given ability to swallow all the resultant internal loopy shit is a talent we just haven't bothered to attain.
But like good christians we can forgive your shit eating grin cradle cap.

Who told you that God is out healing everyone left and right? Did you go to some revial tent meeting and feel bad because it was like being shown a magic trick at a circus, then you find out it's a trick later? So you make a whole website or blog devoted to your hatred for magicians and people who perform magic tricks on stage, and your hatred for circuses ENTIRELY because of that one poorly done show that left you disappointed when you said, "You cut that woman in half with a saw, and put her back together. Why don't you heal me, I have no legs!!!" Oh Great and Powerful Oz!
You do realise that the best analogy you could come up with to defend and describe your god was a fucking circus and magicians.
Bring on the fucking clowns.
Oh sorry, you're already here aren't you?

You are pathetic.

Your witless grasp of the ironic brings tears of joy. Honk that red nose if you're angry.

I hope you are an amputee, and I hope you can't wipe your own butt when Judgment comes to you. I will sit and judge you, and order that you have all your limbs removed, as a return with interest -- on your "ministry" in the earth. You sad, sad and foolish man.
And finally, the real you revealed.

Cankered black and cindered heart
malevolence unmasked
a sad capering twisted soullessness
wishing it was someone
....................................anyone .....................................................other than itself

You must have had a bad father, or were left orphaned. That's even sadder. I also wish you didn't hate everyone in the world who wants to believe in God, simply because you want to believe in a Great and Powerful God who gets involved in everyone's life, healing limbs like lizards whose tails fall off, and grow back. If God made humans to regenerate, we should just be immortal as well based on your false logic. Why does God let everyone DIE? Hmm, because based on your logic, there is no God -- because people DIE. Right! Your logic is undeniable. There is darkness and pain, therefore God doesn't exist?
Hey blocked pore, you are so embarrassingly limited you didn't even understand the premise of the questions asked by the site.
Perhaps I should simplify this so you might just realise how comprehensively stupid is your interpretation .

But Nah! I cannot be fucked wasting the time explaining what is so plainly obvious to everyone but those who mistake their arse for a hat.

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