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That's magnificent!

thanks GB  and kaziglu

I have always loved seahorses, and am not alone in that.
I did a series of smallish paintings (oils) of closeups of them, and they sold instantly.
Unfortunately I am and always have been an extremely inconsistent and careless  recorder of my artwork, and up until a few years ago a gypsy to boot, so that seahorse art is out there somewhere,   but lost to me.

Here's an emergency commission (mates rates)
 M&A  a day before their first openhouse (realestate sale)flew me interstate to fill a glaringly empty huge feature wallspace.
Fuckers got me there, got me stoned and speeding (don't do drugs) presented me with a workspace, a 4.5m width of canvas and a massive pastel set.
M had a 20cm dried seahorse carcass (the red one) and the yellow, I drew from memory of the wireweld sculpture.

I worked about 20hours non-stop manic and hung the three panels just before the first of the prospective buyers showed up.

Please pardon the terrible resolution and dimness (the careless recording again) I've p'shopped tweaked for clarity alone (so you can imagine how terrible the original shots are), but I hope this gives some indication of the finished product.

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