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I am so very very sorry for your position.
Your wife was not ignored by your god, the same as those who appear blessed are not anything but apparently randomly lucky.

No mate . I empathise with your loss. I recognise the seeming injustice of her being rewarded for a good life in such a tragic way.
I truly wish you the best possible outcome in your future, I can only imagine how destroyed I would be in your circumstances.

The one small advantage I would have would be the knowledge that this is not god's work. There is no god, and the insane injustice, illogic and carelessness is made understandable with that truth.

We live without gods in a cold and totally uncaring universe.
Only our lives and shared love give any meaning to it.

I cannot offer any heavens celestial rest home, there is none.
But the cares and pains and concerns of this random world stop dead.

I wish I could offer a softer grander "the universe loves you" illusion, that illusion is what this world's multitudinous religions are based upon.
It is illusion.

I offer you long distance humanist empathy, as one monkey observing the pain of another and wishing I had magical powers to "make it all better" for you.

But I won't lie to you.

Please join this forum, we don't need another potential de-convert.
Your beliefs are your own, and no doubt, they'd be extremely rigorously examined here, but it sounds as though you might just need us.

The greatest sensorial aspect of becoming aware that gods are a human invention, is the clarity, and the instant awareness that all the convoluted twisted double-thinking necessary for "god" to make sense, is just dropped.

This won't help you with the tragedy of your wife's state, but it will remove the illusory cause of resentment that is gutting you at the moment.

God wasn't careless, your wife was not less blessed, life is random.

You have my sincere best wishes.

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