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....the relatively common atheist statement that theists are delusional seems to be the real point here.

What's worth understanding MM is that the "delusional" is not be about gods (or target a god specifically, if any), it can apply directly to the fact that many many theists just claim they KNOW.

It has nothing to do with god, the god invention is just a symptom of the delusion.
Their delusion is the idea that somehow they know.

Without the slightest shred of evidence required.

And then they try to reverse engineer the real universe (where rationality normally is the preferred tool of choice for life choices) by awarding the concept of "Faith" kudos.

It is absolutely delusional to give "Faith" (as a tool for making life choices) the slightest merit in the real observable world.

A rational person says "I don't know" when presented with your questions. An irrational person claims knowledge.

Somehow this brings a fresh perspective to my understanding of WHY most religions seem absurd to me. I had thought only of the god belief being delusional ... but it really does come down to the ridiculous notion that they think they can KNOW something without evidence. Thanks for this.

My pleasure Trav

Key for me in regards to my active dislike of the potential of this delusion, is the ability for the unscrupulous to make claims  >and be believed<.

To claim, for instance, that one is an interpreter, a direct conduit between god and man, and because the believers are trained from birth (or desire) to choose "Faith" over rational appraisal, then any sort of ridiculous "Knowledge" can be accepted.

And how is this Truth ever verified?   By the self-fufilling idiocy of "it is true, because I have the faith to Know it is true....  irregardless of what the real world shows"

It grinds my teeth.

So magic, when you comment about the injustice of atheists calling theists delusional and base your position on the idea that atheists cannot know (perhaps just for now) what came first, you fully underline the most core and basic delusion upon which all theism is based.

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